Vocal cord strain from extensive touring is forcing J.I.D to hit the pause button for a bit.

In an Instagram note to fans late Wednesday, the 2020 Grammy nominee said the Red Bull-hosted battle event with Denzel Curry would have to be rescheduled while he rests his voice, a regimen that includes a vow of silence.

"I toured 10 months of the 12 last year and I’ve essentially been touring every year since 2014(ab soul) and it took a toll, positively and negatively but all in all I should be fine," J.I.D told fans, adding that he will be resting his voice for two weeks and is currently on medications. 

The Denzel Curry vs. J.I.D event in Miami, dubbed Red Bull Zeltron World Wide, was originally set to go down on Jan. 18. It has now been rescheduled for Feb. 29. 

Earlier this week, J.I.D was among those announced as part of the deluxe edition reissue of the Dreamville comp Revenge of the Dreamers III. The expanded version of the already stacked collection arrives at 9 p.m. ET on Thursday.

Back in November, J.I.D landed on Complex's ranking of the 20 best rappers in their 20s, coming in at No. 10 ahead of Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and more.