For the past couple of months, Wack 100 has disputed that Nipsey Hussle is a legend. The hip-hop manager, who currently works with Blueface among others, has been called out for what many have called disrespectful comments. "How many albums did Nipsey drop? One album. This not no personal shit I'm talking about," he said, only to get responses from T.I. and Meek Mill calling Nip a legend. In a fresh interview with Nick Cannon on Power 106 Los Angeles, Wack has refused to back down.

"Every fact that I've laid, has been about music," Wack told Cannon in a clip from the interview. "But you know what Nip means to the community," Cannon added, before Wack really doubled down. "I'm not involving myself with who he was as a father, what he was to his community... I don't know what his portfolio was. But what I do know, and if I don't know I can go check, is the stats of music." 

Wack, who recently compared T.I. to 6ix9ine after the two got into an argument over Nipsey, has echoed these same sentiments before. "Naw the question was Legend in Music," he wrote on an Instagram post. He additionally said that in calling Nipsey a legend despite a relatively small discography, it would mean that "we have to define what the fuck a legend is." Talking to Cannon, he clarified those comments a bit further, and said that if the late rapper was around for longer he could have easily been a bonafide legend.

"I said he's got a few joints I personally felt should have went," he continued. "I think if he would have been around long enough, maybe he could have got to that status. But for me, to give him that 'legend' word means we have to go back and we have to give LL, Dr. Dre, Cube, and all these other people a different moniker."

You can watch the full interview above, where he discusses how Biggie wasn't a legend at the time, and more.