Wack 100 and T.I. continue to trade shots.

On Tuesday, Wack took to Instagram where he resurfaced claims of T.I. being a snitch. To prove his point, Wack referenced an article that details Tip's testimony during the 2008 murder trial of his friend, Philant Johnson. Fans flooded Wack's comments claiming he was exaggerating because T.I. was merely describing an incident that led to the death of his friend.

"Soooooo him saying the bullets were meant for him is snitching? Sit down with that weak garbage. He gave no names and pointed to no one but himself. Flimsy argument bruh," one fan wrote. Another user added: "This don’t say TI Told On Anyone Where u get yo paperwork."

Wack's caption already combated these comments. Under the picture, the known gang member defined what "snitching" means in his culture. "I’ve lost manny [sic] comrades Police show up we give the opposite description. If the make us go to court we 'PLEAD THE 5th' meaning the right to remain silent," Wack wrote. "Direct statement, victim impact statement any description helping the LAW or District attorney by the laws of the STREETS IS DEEMED TO BE ONE THING." 

Wack then posted another clip from the article that says T.I. was "testifying for the prosecution."

"You ain’t big enough to change the rules .. Retire stay out the street politics," Wack captioned this post. "again I’m not a Rapper I gives No Fucks you better sit down little guy you ain’t the only one with some money negro."

Wack wasn't just talking to the fans, he was also taking direct objection to T.I.'s Instagram posts. Last week, Wack doubled down on his feelings towards Nipsey Hussle. His refusal to consider Nip a legend sparked responses from Meek Mill and T.I. Wack and Tip went back and forth on Instagram, prompting the manager to allude to T.I.'s cooperation with the authorities.

Wack then stepped away from the subject in hopes that the noise would die down. While he was laying dormant, T.I. fired off another post.

"Until it’s in my face it’s fake," Tip captioned a graphic that implies Wack is merely a troll. "My paperwork clean & presentable for any and all to pull up and see... IN REAL LIFE so.... #AintNoBackAndForth #UWaaayTooOldForThisSir &