Young Thug recently dropped his long-awaited debut album So Much Fun, which is currently on track to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. To coincide with its release, Thug sat down for a rare interview with Big Boy on Real 92.3 LA.

One of the topics brought up during the chat was Thug's complicated history with Lil Wayne, who just so happens to be one of his biggest influences as a rapper. "I don't know, I don't think that n***a like me," he responded when asked about his relationship with Weezy. "I don't know why, though," he added. "I think it's because he just been with Birdman his whole life and he's just so spoiled to the point where it's like... He's been a superstar since he was nine years old, so he don't know nothing but his way."

He continued, "Pretty sure he done stopped back and looked at any interviews I ever did and he probably got the picture now. Like, 'Okay, I maybe did too much.' Maybe he feel like, 'I done too much against this young n***a to the point where I can't even embrace him.'" 

Thoughout the early stages of Thug's career, he maintained that Lil Wayne is one of his biggest influences. The two collaborated in 2014, but their relationship turned sour shortly after when Thug announced his debut commercial mixtape would be titled Carter 6 in referenced to Wayne's Carter series of albums. After the threat of legal action, he changed its name to Barter 6, but it's been strained between them ever since.

During the discussion, he also talked about people who continue to speculate on his sexuality due to his fashion sense. "People judge me and people say, 'gay,'" he said. "But it's like, n***a, at one point I probably had more hoe... I'm saying, it's serious. If people think that I'm gay, they already missjudged. I'm the straighest man in the world. I hate guys, what the fuck are you talking about? I'm not even having no threesome with no n***a, you know that's gay."

As for another complicated relationship, YFN Lucci has been taking shots at Young Thug for quite some time now. The rapper previously suggested that he slept with Thug's long-time girlfriend Jerrika Karlae several times, but when Thug was asked about the beef he tried to downplay it.

"It's no hard feelings, I hope he gets richer than me," he said. "I have no problem with nobody. We had problems before where we done disagreed on, but it's not a problem to where it's like, 'I hope he die.' Like, hell nah. We just have fun with it, I don't know if he feels same." 

He also clarified that he has "no problem" with Rich Homie Quan, whom he's had issues with for quite some time, even if he "did some bullshit" in the past. "I don't think we can be like how we used to be," he remarked. "I always forgive, I never hold grudges on nobody." He confirmed that it was "nothing about music," and they won't ever work together again.

As for his thoughts on JAY-Z's controversial deal with the NFL, Thugger had nothing but nice things to say about the Roc Nation founder. "I think JAY-Z the GOAT. If I was a billionaire and I had the power that he had, I'd do the same type of thing," he explained. "I would try to own a football team just to let the black brother play on the team," he added.

He has faith in JAY and what he will do with the NFL, regardless of how much criticism the deal has received.

Elsewhere in the interview, Thug confirmed that his project with Juice WRLD will see the light of day. "Probably like in three months," he said. 

Until then, you can watch the full interview with Thugger above.