YFN Lucci continues to stir the pot, suggesting yet again that he slept with Young Thug's long-time girlfriend Jerrika Karlae. Lucci carried on his beef with Thug by saying that he was with Karlae several times, in spite of Karlae's public denial. 

Lucci shared his side in an interview with Atlanta's V-103, making it seem that he's using the beef to gin up publicity. Immediately after he claimed to sleep with Karlae, he switched into mixtape promotion mode.
"I was in the bed with her a couple times," he said. "We ain't gonna talk on that though."

Lucci released a single with Trey Songz shortly after that interview aired. 

Karlae claimed that Lucci is lying in a series of tweets earlier this week. She said that Lucci is attacking her because he can't measure up to Thug.

Thug, for his part, told Lucci that he would have killed him over all that slick talk. However, Jeffrey is a family man, and said that he likes the way that Lucci takes care of his mother and children and wouldn't go through with it.