The feud between Smokepurpp and 6ix9ine’s baby mama is still going strong. Now, the rapper has incited 69’s ex-girlfriend, Sara Molina, to release her own rap song.

Molina’s decision to make the song was prompted by Purpp’s diss track aimed at 6ix9ine and her, titled “Duck!”, where Purpp raps, “You n***as clowns, all you n***as 6ix9ine/Fuck on his bitch then I make her 69.”

In response, Molina teased her own track, claiming she, “flows better than Nicki and raps better than 6ix.”

In a series of videos, Purpp prompted his fans to listen to Molina’s clip with him on Instagram. In one video, the rapper presses play on the video and instead of hearing Molina’s song, audio of a horse neighing is heard instead. This is a nod to Purpp’s comments earlier this week where, after attempting to flirt with Molina and getting curved, Purpp said, “Aye 6ix9ine baby mama, you crazy. You thought I really wanted you? The fuck? Bitch, your ass looks like a horse.”

Neither Smokepurpp nor Molina are fans of 6ix9ine. During an Instagram Live session last week, before the horse comment, Purpp tried to shoot his shot at Molina, saying, “Keep 6ix9ine in jail. Fuck that rat. Listen, his baby mom though...6ix9ine baby mom where you at?”

Molina shares a young daughter with 6ix9ine. She's been very open about how she feels about the rapper, even dissing him on Father’s Day, sharing a skit where she makes fun of him by having a comedian dress as 6ix9ine, complete with the rapper’s trademark rainbow grill, rainbow hair, and face tattoos.