C Glizzy, an up-and-coming artist who was a close associate of late rapper XXXTentacion, has been hospitalized after being shot in the head, according to reports.

On Saturday, the 16-year-old rapper whose real name is Christian Moore came under gunfire while standing outside a convenience store in his native Pompano Beach, Florida. After he was struck, Moore's mother and brother attempted to rush him to a nearby hospital when they lost control of their vehicle, crashing into a wall on a highway exit ramp. Despite the accident, the family was able to make it to the Broward Health North hospital where the rapper underwent an intense surgery to remove the bullet from his head.

Glizzy rose to popularity through his close relationship with XXXTentacion. Prior to X's death, Glizzy could frequently be seen hanging out with the rapper on social media. Although the motive behind Glizzy's shooting has yet to be released, fans can't help but notice the similarities between the incidents as the shooting happening almost a full year after his friend's death.

Currently, the extent of the rapper's injuries is unknown. It has been reported that he's expected to survive the attack.

"[C Glizzy's] mom tells me he is heavily sedated and not talking right now, but she is expecting and hoping that he’ll survive the gunshot wound he sustained to the head," WPLG's Madeleine Wright reports.