Young Thug isn't afraid of speaking up when he feels passionate about something, so it's not all that surprising to see the Atlanta rapper take issue with the term "clout chasing." Thugger has posted to his Instagram Stories to offer his thoughts on the term, which has become prominent over the past few years to describe those who are just looking for fame.

"Y'all n***as who firm believers in that 'clout chasing' word: Let me tell y'all buster asses something," he said in one of the clips he posted. "N***a, stop saying a n***a clout chasing, that's some bullying shit. You really bullying a n***a. Some n***as don't even be clout chasing. Some n***as be inspired by shit they see. All that 'Aw, n***as wanna stand behind rappers.' This n***a might look up to me, this n***a might be inspired by me. The way I got-damn carry myself, n***a. This n***a wanna get some money, carry himself the same way."

He continued to outline why he wants to see people kill the phrase. "Every n***a running around saying clout chasing, y'all n***a bitches," he said. Thugger went on to add, "Clout chasing, that word gone. From now on, ain't no such thing as clout chasing. 'Cause I damn sure run behind JAY-Z but I damn sure ain't no clout chaser n***a, I'm rich as a motherfucker."

It's unclear what prompted Young Thug to open up about how he feels about the prevalence of the phrase, but he's definitely not happy about its continued use. Check out what he had to say, or here through his Instagram Stories.