Big Baby Scumbag might have the best name on this whole list (even Nardwuar thinks so). The three-word moniker is brash, confident, and self-aware, and it beautifully describes the man behind it. If you’re new to the Big Baby Scumbag experience, his music video for “Dale Earnhardt” is the best place to start. Rocking a Dale Earnhardt Jr. hat and dressed in racing gear, Scumbag feeds cans of light beer to literal goats as he barks lines like, “Still eating ramen noodles, bitch I like the taste!” The Tampa artist has more going for him than the over-the-top gimmicks, though. Behind the exaggerated aesthetic is a legitimately witty rapper with a powerful delivery and a unique, charismatic personality. Come for the goats, stay for songs that will get stuck in your head and never leave. If you're a fan of “Dale Earnhardt,” dive into these next: “Austin Powers,” “Black Joe Dirt,” and “Major Payne.” —Eric Skelton