On Saturday (Mar. 9), a video surfaced of YBN Almighty Jay being assaulted and robbed in New York City. The 19-year-old rapper was hospitalized for a number of days following the incident, but TMZ reports that he's been released. The video showed the rapper on the ground in pain after the attack, but it appears as though Jay was more seriously injured than we thought.

Jay was reportedly attacked another time later that day, which is when the robbery of his jewelry also took place. In a residential building in Manhattan, Jay was reportedly jumped by a number of men at around midnight. He attempted to run away, but he got pulled back in and was stomped on. He was also stabbed an unspecified number of times with a blade, suffering head and facial lacerations after someone smashed a Hennessy bottle on his head.

His face was pretty badly damaged in the attack, and he reportedly required an estimated 300 stitches. Law enforcement sources explained to TMZ that they responded to a call about the fight in the lobby at around 12:30 a.m. on Saturday. They discovered Jay bleeding from his face and he was promptly taken the hospital. They say he was uncooperative with the police when they spoke to him.

It's been a bad few weeks for Jay, who recently turned himself into police over a felony grand theft charge. Jay was suspected of stealing $80,000 in jewelry and cash from rapper Skinnyfromthe9. The alleged theft happened while Jay and Skinny were shooting a video with Skinny. Jay has maintained his innocence.