YBN Almighty Jay's Alleged Attackers Show Off His Stolen Chain in New Video

But Zae Numbafive has denied any involvement in Jay's recent robbery/assault.

YBN Almighty Jay

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YBN Almighty Jay

The men who allegedly attacked YBN Almighty Jay are playing with fire.

Shortly after the rapper was jumped and robbed in NYC, hip-hop mogul J Prince called on New York's most prominent figures to help find the culprits as well as Jay's stolen Rap-A-Lot Records chain.

"Mob Ties Call To My Real Street N****s Around The World But Especially On The East Coast In The Bronx. There’s A Clown By The Name Of Zae And His Crew Who Want To Become Famous By Bragging About Robbing Rap Industry N----s," Prince wrote on Instagram. "They Recently Bragged About Robbing The Artist YBN Almighty Jay Whom I’m Invested In. They’ve Robbed Him Of His Money And Jewelry Including A Rap-A-Lot Piece. So Therefore They Have Robbed A Piece Of Me."

The artist known as Zae Numbafive responded to Prince's post, insisting he and his team had nothing to do with Jay's assault over the weekend.

"We didn't take his Rap-A-Lot chain either," Zae claimed in an Instagram story. "I don't know how he got cut, don't wish that on nobody and IDK why people callin' us goons tryna label us. Ya don't know the real story!"

Though he has denied any involvement in the attack, Zae's recent social media activity suggests otherwise. On Tuesday, the rapper posted a clip of his "Traumatized" video in which Jay's chain—or one that resembles the stolen piece—is dangled in front of the camera.

If Zae is truly trying to clear his name, it looks like he's going about it the wrong way. 

Jay was hospitalized Friday night after he was assaulted in NYC by a group of guys. By early Saturday, video of the brutal attack had surfaced online, along with photos of Jay's injuries.

The Rap-A-Lot Records signee addressed the robbery in a newly released record called "Let Me Breathe."

"You don't got n****s plotting on you, tryna rob you at the beach," he raps. "I can't even wear my jewelry if I wanna cross the street."

You can check out the "Let Me Breathe" video below.

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