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Almost two months after the company's blackface fiasco, Soulja Boy reminded his fans that the Gucci boycott is still alive and going strong.

In the footage obtained by TMZ, while doing a show in Southern California, the rapper made an in-game decision to cut his popular record "Gucci Bandana" from his set list. 

"Hold up," Soulja Boy said, motioning his DJ to stop playing the track. "N**a f**k Gucci, n**a. Gucci canceled, n**a. F**k outta here... I forgot Gucci racist as f**k." 

Soulja Boy then went on to refresh his fans memory on the ongoing controversy surrounding the brand. He even explained how he was an intense supporter of the brand before they showed their true colors.

"On my momma, n**a. I spend over a million dollars on Gucci in the last ten years," Soulja Boy told the audience. "They can suck my d**k with that racist sh*t, n**a."

As known, Soulja Boy and his Gucci headband became one of 2019's earliest memes. But after their blackface scandal, Soulja Boy announced that he would finally retire the headband as well as his other Gucci garments in exchange for Fendi. And from his remarks on Sunday, it seems as though he's sticking to his word.

Another rapper that's standing firm in his boycott is the artist that called for the protest, T.I. Late last week, a clip went viral showing Tip engaging in a heated but productive conversation with a Black man wearing Gucci. 

"Stand up for yourself, brother," T.I. tells the man. "That shit ain't shit until we put it on! We make that shit fly! Look at me, n***a. I'm fly as a motherfucker and I ain't got that shit on. I look better than you, as a matter of fact."

T.I. allowed the man to push back, asking him about his decision to rock the clothes before the scandal to which the rapper replied "they showed me their disrespect, so guess what? I can't do it no more."

With multiple rappers, entertainers, and general people following T.I.'s and Soulja Boy's lead, it will be interesting to see if the company will try to win back their dollars. Especially after Tip refused to accept Gucci's apology