Soulja Boy's 'Drake?!' Meme Immortalized in San Antonio Mural

Soulja Boy's now legendary press run has received its very own mural, thanks to one popular meme.


Image via Getty/Santiago Felipe


Soulja Boy's now legendary press run, in which he created a number of memes and even outright lied about his legally questionable video game consoles, has been immortalized thanks to a new mural painted by a San Antonio artist. 27-year-old artist Colton Valentine spoke with San Antonio Current about his newly painted mural, which took its inspiration from Soulja Boy dissing Drake on an episode of the Breakfast Club.

Painted on the side of the Supremes Sports Bar in San Antonio, Valentine explained that he's done similiar pop culture-fueled work before. "I worked on another mural for them a few months ago," he explained. "The owner called me a week ago and gave me free-range over the other side. I had just finished watching the hilarious interview and knew that I wanted to paint Soulja Boy's face."

By the time he got started on the mural, which can be seen below, the interview had already amassed over 13 million views. "As soon as I finished it, the painting was reposted within hours, I guess it was right on time," he added. "The Shade Room, as well as a few other media spots, reached out to me on Instagram and asked to repost it."

If you're somehow unfamiliar with the "Draaake?!" meme, Soulja Boy recently sat down for an interview on Breakfast Club. During the show, he claimed he taught Drizzy everything he knows, before famously responding, "Drake? DRAKE?! The n***a that got bodied by Pusha-T?"

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