For the latest entry in Gayle King's interview series in connection with the mounting allegations against R. Kelly, the parents of Joycelyn Savage sat down alongside their attorney to discuss the best possible resolution and dispute claims previously made by Kelly and their daughter in separate interviews.

According to Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage, they haven't seen their daughter—who, like Azriel Clary, alleged that she's in a healthy relationship with Kelly during her own controversial interview—in more than two and a half years. They also flatly denied Kelly's claims of how he first met Joycelyn.

"I have never met Mr. Kelly," Timothy told King in an interview that aired Friday via CBS This Morning. "Never in my entire life met Mr. Kelly. I've only talked to him one time on the phone. And that one time, you know what he told me? He said, 'You gonna have to wait to see your daughter. Trust the process.' How can you tell another father to trust the process, but you rappin' and ravin' on TV that you wanna see your kids, but you won't allow me to see my own daughter. How do you think that makes me feel as a father?"

Later, Timothy expressed his desire that Kelly "rot in jail" for what he's allegedly done. "I'm sorry, that's just the way I feel," he said. "He needs help, but this man has done so many women wrong and he needs to rot in that jail cell. Period."

Earlier this week, Kelly was arrested once more, this time for alleged failure to pay more than $161,000 in child support.