Just one day after Joycelyn Savage's family held a press conference in response to comments R. Kelly made in his first interview since being arrested on criminal sexual abuse charges, CBS This Morning has released clips from an interview with Savage herself.

"Both our parents are basically out here trying to get money and scam, because they didn't agree on what happened, you know, with music or whatever it could be," Savage, who appeared alongside Azriel Clary in the interview, told King. "And they're just very upset. Both women's parents have denied this.

Wednesday, Kelly alleged that—in Savage's case, specifically—the parents had come to him with hopes that he could boost their daughter's singing career. Both Savage and Clary, however, said Thursday they have no such aspirations. They also explained to King that they're both in a relationship with Kelly, a relationship Savage characterized as being "very strong."

As with King's previous interview with Kelly, who was in the room for this interview despite a previous agreement on the opposite, the discussions grow more tense a bit further in. 

"[My parents] started to send threats to both me and him," Clary said. "They said, 'Oh, I'll put all your naked pictures all over the world. I'm going to ruin you, I'm going to ruin him. If he doesn't send $20,000 to this bank account by Monday, oh, I'm gonna put everything out there, and then $10,000 after that.' You're trying to solicit me like I'm some fucking ho. I'm not, I'm your child."

Asked to go a bit further by King on why she's so upset, Clary claimed the public was buying into a "fucking facade" about Kelly. "This is all fucking lies for money, and if you can't see that, you're ignorant and you're stupid as fuck because you want to be. All because that's the world we live in. Negativity sells, gossip is what sells, rumors are what sell."

Clary also accused her parents of encouraging her to lie about her age and send sexual videos to Kelly. "When I was 17, my parents were actually making me, trying to get me to take photos with him, take sexual videos with him, all kinds of stuff," she said.

Mere hours removed from the airing of his King interview, Kelly was arrested for alleged failure to pay more than $161,000 in child support.