Offset is looking inward. Most rappers wait until their washed years to pivot to Dad Rap, but as a 27 year-old father of four who's been to jail twice, Offset has lived a life. After five years of dabbing, chirping, and triplet-rhyming through odes to the cash with the Migos, 'Set decided to use his solo opportunity as a moment to get introspective and reflective. Repentant odes to both Cardi and his children abound, we learn more about the Mama! behind those impassioned ad-libs, and the features are kept to a minimum. It's an admirable effort and one that produces a handful of gems. "Don't Lose Me" is a winning “4:44” mea culpa and maybe the best song on there. But it's still not quite the slam dunk we expected from the Migos’ sharpest member. At least his conscience is clear. —Frazier Tharpe