Chris Brown was detained in Paris earlier this week after a woman claimed the controversial artist raped her. He's since been released on no charges, and has denied the allegations. He has since announced that he plans to sue the accuser for defamation. A number of Brown's collaborators over the years have now jumped to his defense.

Posting on his Instagram, Meek Mill shared a screenshot of a tweet detailing Brown's release in Paris. "And what happens when somebody falsely accuse you of a crime? Nothing," the rapper wrote. "Hold ya head @chrisbrownofficial his life could of easily been ruined from this!" Drake was among those to like the post.

2 Chainz, however, kept his support simple. "Dat part," he said alongside a screenshot of the same tweet.

T.I., who has already been vocal in his support of Chris Brown despite his history of violence against women, wrote, "Ok so now what happens to the FALSE accuser???? She should face the same scrutiny and punishment as he would have if he did it." 

Speaking with TMZ, T.I. doubled down. "There haven't been any overwhelming facts to show me what he's saying is not true," he explained. "The climate of society right now is empowering victims, which is phenomenal. ... But, y'all gotta also realize that it's also arming people who have malicious intent and vindictive natures to go after people undeservedly, like there's a flipside to it." 

Justin Bieber also reportedly showed his support in the comments of Chris Brown's Instagram. "No one can touch you ur the GOAT," he wrote.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Brown's friend and close collaborator Joyner Lucas jumped to defend him. "Anybody who actually thinks Breezy needs to take some pussy got issues," he wrote. "Trust me when I say it doesn’t matter what city, state, country, or continent this n***a goes to, he can literally pick like a flower from a garden of bad bitches who wanna fuck and it’s that simple."

In an interview with French magazine Closer, the woman behind the allegations said the rape occurred in Brown's hotel room at the Mandarin Oriental in Paris. "It's still too difficult for me to explain in detail what he did, but it was brutal and violent," she explained. "I was very afraid. Once it was over, he opened the door. I told him that I wanted to pick up my cell phone and go home."