Joyner Lucas Comes to Chris Brown’s Defense Again, Says He ‘Ain’t Rape Nobody’

Joyner Lucas has jumped at the chance to defend Chris Brown again.

Joyner Lucas

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Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas has jumped at the chance to defend Chris Brown, who was detained alongside his bodyguard in Paris on Monday on accusations of rape and "drug infractions." Writing on his Instagram, Lucas took issue with the allegations leveled against his friend and collaborator. "@chrisbrownofficial ain't rape nobody," he wrote. "Any and every way someone gets the opportunity to create a story and ruin my n****z legacy they take it."

The post continues from there, with Lucas adding, "Anybody who actually thinks Breezy needs to take some pussy got issues. Trust me when I say it doesn’t matter what city, state, country, or continent this n***a goes to, he can literally pick like a flower from a garden of bad bitches who wanna fuck and it’s that simple." Besides reinforcing the disgusting notion that celebrities aren't capable of rape because of their desirable status, he also used the post to spark a conspiracy theory.

"I’m no conspiracy theorist but no bullshit, im [sic] really starting to believe that TV networks are paying muthafukas to false claim allegations just so they can turn it into a documentary," he said.  Check out the full post below.

This isn't the first time Joyner Lucas has defended Chris Brown. In March 2018, the abuser apologist told those bringing up Brown's violent past to "shut the fuck up." 

The pair announced a joint album titled Angels & Demons early 2018, but it still hasn't surfaced.

Investigators currently have under two days to determine whether charges will be filed against Brown and two other people taken in.

Joyner Lucas also offered his support for R. Kelly after the first episode of Suviving R. Kelly aired, writing, "I know this has to be one of the hardest patches in your life right now. [...] I'm literally watching the entire world condemn you and turn they back on you." T.I., meanwhile, seems to agree with Lucas' suggestion there's something strange going on. "First this... Then RAPE allegations?," he wrote on his Instagram.

Kim Ford, a woman who says she was assaulted by a man in Paris that wasn't Chris Brown, said that she saw the incident in question but "nothing happened" as HotNewHipHop reports. On her IG stories, she wrote:

I don’t know where people are getting these wild stories from but I was not hit or raped by Chris Brown so stop posting & tagging me in fake stories & sending me these crazy DMs…

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