It looks like Offset’s public apology to Cardi B at Rolling Loud was costly for a number of reasons. On Saturday the Migos rapper rolled on stage, interrupting his wife’s performance with an elaborate flower arrangement that read “Take Me Back Cardi.”

It didn’t work.

Not only did his apology get rejected in front of thousands, but he’s out $15,000 for the flowers he ordered for the stunt. The Rolling Loud shenanigan went down thanks to Venus ET Fleur, who told Complex they sold Set 2,000 stems of roses last minute. Eight people worked to assemble the apology arrangement on time.

Of course, $15,000 is probably a drop in the bucket to Offset, who frequently bought expensive gifts like cars and diamonds for his ex. Regardless of the money spent, his entire attempt was embarrassing for everyone.  

Since it happened, Rolling Loud organizers have denied any involvement with Offset’s plan. “We sent [Cardi] a [DM] on Instagram saying we loved her, and that if she didn’t know, that we’re sorry it happened,” co-founder Tariq Cherif said. “It was a stellar performance and we want to align ourselves with her for years to come.”

Cardi B is also defending her publicist Patientce Foster, who is being blamed for helping organize the apology. "Y'all expect me to be okay with y'all dragging her because y'all don't agree with some shit?" Cardi told fans via social media. "She was trying to help a man that was telling her like, yo, I love my wife. Please help me get my wife. She told me what happened. I'm not gonna let y'all drag my bitch for that. Y'all buggin' and thuggin."

TMZ has claimed that "Patientce strongly believes Cardi is still in love with Offset and does not want to pull the plug on their marriage.” 

Cardi announced the breakup almost two weeks ago, as rumors about an attempted threesome organized by Offset surfaced. He’s gone on social media to apologize for his infidelity, but it’s probably time for the rapper give his wife a little space