Cardi B’s hubby Offset surprised her with a brand new Lamborghini truck, but only after scaring the crap out of her. Early Friday morning, Cardi went on Instagram to show fans her fancy new whip, while explaining how she was tricked into making a trip to Atlanta because she was told something was wrong with Offset.

“Motherfuckers called me talking about ‘it’s an emergency, I gotta go to Atlanta because Offset fainted and shit,’ and I’m just like ‘Oh my god what is going on,’” she explains in a video, before turning the camera to her new car. “And look what I got here. I’m so happy. Dang now I’m really gonna have to learn how to drive.”

Still, the surprise definitely caused Cardi some temporary anxiety. “I’ve been praying for the last two hours to every god damn religion there is,” she says in another video, while walking around the new car.

It’s less than a week until Cardi’s birthday—she turns 26 next week on Oct. 11—so it’s not totally random that Offset would do something over-the-top for his Libra lover. While in Paris, Cardi bought her husband a few pairs of Balenciaga sneakers as a surprise, but in another IG video she vows not to show him the shoes, because they pale into comparison to her new car. “I’m not gonna show him this shit,” she says closing up a suitcase of thousands of dollars in sneakers. Wow, rich love.