Marcus Smart celebrated his eight-figure payday in an unconventional way.

Back in July, the 24-year-old shooting guard inked a $52 million extension with the Boston Celtics—a deal that apparently inspired Smart to hit up the studio. As pointed out by TMZ, the NBA athlete recorded a celebratory freestyle about the four-year contract. The rap is called "52M," assisted by Trey Davis and rapper iAmCompton.

"52 mil, that’s a new deal, 13 a year, n***a, look how I live. Penthouse suite, n***a, that’s a new feel," Smart spits. "Bought the top floor 'cause I need the room/Walk-in closet for my Gucci and Lou/Red bottoms, but I'm rockin' that blue/Ice on my neck and it's keepin' me cool."

The freestyle was accompanied by a music video by Nicky Films. According to TMZ, the visual was never intended to be released; but as more and more people heard about it, the men decided to share it with the public.

You can watch the "52M" video above. And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Brandon Ingram's cameo.