The Booty Kings—a.k.a. Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson—were joined by Future and Lil Wayne for a Saturday Night Live sketch about respecting women’s bodies and politely chasing booty.

The sketch featured the Booty Kings in the club, performing the song “Permission”: “I’m on a mission for that ass but first I need permission,” they both rap.

During the performance, the Booty Kings approach two girls to talk to them. One says, “Sorry we’re just here with our friends,” to which Redd and Thompson respond, “Cool, have a good night.”

“Wait, you’re just going to respect our wishes?” one of the girls asks.

“Hell yeah,” Redd responds, with Thompson adding, “Times have changed.”

During the video, the duo call themselves allies, wear “Times Up” pins, and give money to a women’s rights fund. Later, Pete Davidson makes a cameo as Uncle Butt, wearing a grill that makes his raps almost unintelligible.

Future rolls through to tell us he'll "steal yo girl, but only with her permission," while Lil Wayne follows up to talk about using protection and respecting women.

Lil Wayne appeared on SNL a day after he dropped three Tha Carter V bonus tracks. This was also his first performance on SNL in eight years. The New Orleans rapper performed “Can't Break Me” with Halsey and “Uproar” with Swizz Beatz.

Watch the Saturday Night Live sketch above.