While it's not exactly the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, Kanye West can't anonymously blend in even when just out with his son in Chicago. More specifically, on Saturday, Ye was captured by his media outlet of choice hanging out with an all-star group that included a pair of toddlers, namely: Chance the Rapper and his daughter (Kensli) in addition to his own son, Saint. The pair of dads and kids were taking their tykes to the Sugar Factory where Ye was filmed dancing in a private booth for a clapping audience in front of some pyrotechnics that could've probably lit his sweats on fire. Fortunately he didn't ignite himself, which would've been bad.

Anyway it's a far cry from the footage that was posted on Chris Rock's IG story just over a week ago. A lot less controversial too. Say what you want, at least he actually looks happy here.

Check it out below: