Kanye Says He's in Chicago to Work on Chance the Rapper Project

Chance the Rapper is set to make a seven-tracker with Kanye West at the helm. West confirmed to a reporter Wednesday that he's currently working with Chance on new music in Chicago.

Though the fruits of Kanye West's Wyoming sessions labor are now largely accounted for and readily available for public consumption, he's got another seven-tracker in the pipeline: a new one from Chance the Rapper.

Wednesday morning, West hit up Chicago's WGCI 107.5 Morning Show to discuss everything from his disinterest in a Drake feud to his fan base-dividing TMZ comments. Though he didn't mention Chance in the interview, a reporter for Chicago outlet Fox 32caught West on the street and got a bit of a scoop. "I came out here with Chance to work on his album and I've just been hanging out with my friends," West said when asked about his Chicago plans. "I love this city and I’mma be here a lot more. It's a super inspiring place that made me who I am and I believe there's some work that I could contribute to." Unfortunately, the interview concluded with West saying this about Trump: "I like him."

Chance previously spoke of his new West-produced project (and that long-teased Gambino collab) during his appearance on Complex's Open Late. "I'm gonna do a seven track with 'Ye," he told host Peter Rosenberg at the time. "Kanye's my favorite rapper that I followed, you know, without knowing for a long time, and Donald Glover's the first rapper that ever was like, you know, 'Come on tour with me, I like your shit that no one's ever heard of . . . I want you to come out on the road with me.'"

In a subsequent chat with Windy City Live, Chance confirmed that West was coming to Chicago to work on music. "Working under him, working with him on his albums is crazy, but having him tell me that he wants to produce my album and come to Chicago is like . . . This month, we're working in Chicago," he said in July.

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