Today is apparently some sort of holiday during which people willingly celebrate their pride in a place they just so happened to be born purely by chance, but let's pause all that and watch this instead. Regardless of how you feel about Diplo, there's no denying the guy's ubiquitous collaborative talents, very much on full display in the just-released mini-documentary Florida to California.

The eight-minute doc, directed by Kyle Depinna, puts that title to good use by giving fans a condensed look at Diplo's journey from his 2004 debut album Florida to this year's six-track project CaliforniaTyler, the Creator, Post Malone, Skrillex, Justin Bieber, French Montana, Snoop Dogg, M.I.A., and Madonna all make appearances.

"I moved to California, it was to work, to have a job," Diplo, who credits the best state's diversity as crucial to its ability to be at the forefront of music trends, says. "I learned how to make music in Florida, then, like, cut my teeth in Philadelphia. But then, once I got a job basically making music, I went to California because that's where all the talent was, where everybody was doing music." Catch the full doc up top.

Last week, Diplo teased the seemingly imminent release of his and Mark Ronson's collaboration with Dua Lipa.