Tyler, the Creator is thankfully not done dropping new verses on some of his favorite artists' strongest cuts.

Tuesday, just one day after hopping on Jacquees' "No Validation," Tyler dropped some lines over Prophet's "Wanna Be Your Man." Like his "No Validation" update "Gelato," this verse sees Tyler continuing his nods to Call Me By Your Name. Stream the latest Tyler rework, this one titled "Peach Fuzz," up top.

Below, in the hopefully unlikely event that you're not familiar with the original Stones Throw-released track, catch the track's official video directed by Ross Harris and Sudan Archives.

Speaking of critically revered cinema, Tyler told the Los Angeles Times back in January that he's aiming to collaborate with A24 in some capacity in the future. "I want to do some short films," he said. "I think A24 is sick. I would like to do something with A24, whether it's a 20-minute short or we do a full-length film."


Make it happen, A24. Perhaps we could even be so lucky as to have fellow multi-hyphenate (and known Tyler fan) Seth Rogen involved. The two go way back. "Tyler, I've known for years and years and years," Rogen told Whoolywood Shuffle in April. "I've known him for, like, 10 years I think, honestly. When I first met him, he was like a kid who was insane, and now he's a respectable guy who has his own [line of] shoes. And his new music is amazing."