Diplo and Zedd are at it again.

On Tuesday morning, the super-producers reignited their longstanding beef after DJ Max Vangelis accused Diplo of dismissing him at a recent concert in Hong Kong.

For some reason, Zedd decided to inject himself into the drama by co-signing Vangelis’ tweet with the following message:

Diplo, of course, immediately responded by issuing an apology to Vangelis—an apology that seemed to be wrapped in shade.

The L.A.-based producer then posted a screenshot of a Twitter notification indicating Zedd had blocked him. Diplo captioned the post with a threat that alluded to the recent Pusha-T vs. Drake feud: “I'm gonna give @Zedd 24 hours to delete his Twitter account or im going full Pusha T on him.” He also slid in a quick Thanos meme, because why not.

Assuming you’ve been awake these past few weeks, you should know that Diplo’s referencing Pusha’s “The Story of Adidon,” a three-minute diss track in which the rapper took shots at Drake’s personal life, including accusations that he was a deadbeat dad to a secret child. The "Story of Adidon” accusations were pretty heavy, which is why many fans and DJs are wondering: What kind of dirt does Diplo have on Zedd?

EDM die-hards know this beef has been going since 2015, when Diplo reviewed Zedd's debut LP True Colors with nothing more than a poop emoji. The feud flared up in the following year, after Zedd teamed up with M&M to create a cover of “The Candy Man” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Diplo wasn’t impressed by the record, and even accused Zedd of biting Flume’s musical style.