Before people were chanting #FreeMeekMill, some were singing Drake's "Back 2 Back" hook.

It was just in 2015 when Meek Mill and Drake had a beef going on. Drake dropped the diss track "Charged Up," then a few days later hit Mill with another one, the aforementioned "Back to Back." Mill would later come out with his own diss song, "Wanna Know," but it earned lackluster reviews. Now, Meek is back in hip-hop's good graces as he became a face for injustice in the court system when activists, including Jay Z, claimed he was unjustly sentenced for breaking his probation. Now, after being released from jail, it seems Meek is ready to take on the world. He's even open to working with Drake—especially since he was one of the people advocating for him.

"It's Possible. Anything is possible. I don't have hate towards him, and I don't believe he has hate towards me. When I was in that situation, I seen in the media he was like 'free Meek Mill' that's when I was at my down point when I didn't have anything going on with music," he said. "Before we had a little rap issue. I knew him as a person, and he supported. And that goes for anybody."

He continued: "Drake is the biggest thing in music right now. That was another hurdle I jumped over."

Meek also took time to talk about Kanye West and what he told him when they spoke. "I just told him, 'you let me down with some of the words you were saying,'" he said. "I thought it was like a marketing plan, and when I talked to him I was like 'whoa.' I don't know what's going on right here." Neither do we.

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