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Jennifer Lopez brought out boo Alex Rodriguez during her Super Saturday Night Concert in Minneapolis in advance of Sunday night's face-off between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots, but some people weren't too excited by the former New York Yankee player's cameo.

While most of the concert was met with great reception, J.Lo's choice to bring out BaeRod didn't seem to go as well as she probably had hoped. When Rodriguez joined her onstage, he was greeted with a substantial amount of booing. ARod got on the mic to give a bit of awkward schmoozing to "Patriot's Nation" and even shouted out Patriot's owner Robert Kraft as "the greatest owner in sports history." Uh...? It was a weird moment, but he soon turned the show back over to J.Lo so everyone could forget what had just happened.

J.Lo continued to give a high-energy, two-our show, bringing out musical guests like Ne-Yo and DJ Khaled, and performing a special medley of "When Doves Cry" and "Darling Nikki" in honor of Prince. The night also placed a large focus on charity, as it was intended to raise money for continued Hurricane Maria relief for Puerto Rico. At one point, J.Lo encouraged the audience saying, "Together we can do great things."