Meek Mill’s Instagram account has, once again, disappeared. And many people are speculating it’s all because of Nicki Minaj.

Over the weekend, fans noticed that the Philadelphia rapper deleted his account after posting messages that seemed to be directed at his recent ex-girlfriend. Meek shared an image last Thursday of him sitting on top of a Bentley, with a caption that read: “Left my bent in her driveway …. her ex ni#%a embarrassed #pullup,” Another photo was captioned: “Friends turning foes n#%gas leaving me no choice!” Though Meek didn’t drop any names, people quickly theorized that the 29-year-old was taking shots at Nicki and her former boyfriend Safaree Samuels. The legion of Barbz reportedly went in on Meek for the presumed diss.

Some media outlets have suggested Meek’s decision to leave Instagram was due to the hate he was receiving from Nicki’s following—which isn’t too much of a reach. Earlier this month, Meek posted a photo of him wearing a diamond ring that looked exactly like the one he had gifted Nicki. Fans immediately began roasting the rapper, accusing him of taking the piece back and gloating on social media. He responded to the backlash with: “Y’all gotta let me breathe a lil bit with all these made up stories lol.”

Meek’s longtime adversary Beanie Sigel has also criticized him for taking social media comments too seriously, and claimed Meek turned off his comments because he couldn’t handle the jabs.

The last time Meek stepped away from Instagram was last month, following rumors that he and Nicki had called it quits. So, is this this a reaction to the social media roasts? Or does Meek have something up his sleeve?