Cryptic Nicki Minaj Instagram Post Leads to Meek Mill Breakup Rumors

Nicki Minaj's latest Instagram is making people think that she and Meek Mill have broken up.

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Nicki Minaj has the internet thinking that she and Meek Mill might have broken up after sharing some confusing Instagram posts.

"Thank God u blew it. Thank God I dodged the bullet. I'm so over u. Baby good lookin out. #BestThingUNeverHad thank u for this epic gift @sincerearmani​," she captioned a picture of some new Chanel sandals on Sunday.

Meek and Nicki are annoying on IG when they "break up" 🙄 a few days he'll be back posting pics calling her his queen lol
Meek mill and nicki minaj broke up drake its your chance go get it @Drake

That wasn't the only gram that got the internet talking. The day before, Nicki shared a post reading, "Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth." For his part, Meek Mill's Instagram has since disappeared altogether since Nicki's posts started.

Meanwhile, Nicki also had the internet freaking out when she shared another Instagram that featured a swooping, drone shot of Nicki in Turks and Caicos where she has been vacationing and celebrating her birthday with her mom and crew of girls. The video was soundtracked to her "Black Beatles" remix, "Black Barbies," convincing the internet that she filmed a video for the track while on vacation. Nicki responded to the speculation with tweets like "Who said anything about a video? 🤔 " and "*sits back and watches y'all spazz*" We'll keep you posted with any new news.

Who said anything about a video? 🤔
*sits back and watches yall spazz*😂 #BlackBarbies

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