Lost amidst Toronto's prevalent hip-hop and R&B scene, is the city's rich and eclectic electronica. With diverse acts like Crystal Castles, Rolemodel​, and Doomsquad, Toronto is rife with electronically tinged, indie music. One act that embraces this movement fully, is newcomer Weight. While the project itself is new, the artist behind Weight, is a local veteran. Adam Christopher Seward, is the architect of Weight's darkly synthetic R&B. After generating buzz with post-punk outfit, Rituals, Seward released his debut single as Weight - the ethereal "Not Enough". The track quickly piqued our interest with scattered drums, airy guitars, and whispery vocals. Now, Weight follows up with another atmospheric offering, "Chasing Lines".

"Chasing Lines" is a wall of sound. The song surrounds the listener with glitzy sonics, trippy 808s, and layered vocals. Speaking with Complex CA via email, Seward said the track was born out of melancholy. "I was feeling unhappy, so I needed to feel something that would take me out of that. I tend to write poppier, more uplifting tracks when I'm down and darker. But I write melancholy tracks when I'm happy. It's the juxtaposition that inspires me, I think. Balance is the key between the two emotions, and I apply that to a lot of things in life."

Balance is something that Seward has had to learn out of necessity. Along with music projects like Weight and Rituals, Seward divides his time with a steady career in visuals. The artist has directed videos for acts like Dilly Dally and Vallens. "I try to balance my creativity between making films and music." Sewards says. "Both are equally important to me. But music has been a part of my life process since I was a kid. It's nice to have multiple creative outlets. I'm never not thinking about making something."

You can stream the premiere of "Chasing Lines" below, via SoundCloud.