When I first heard “Jealous,” it didn't seem to be a contender for favorite song on Beyoncé’s 2013 self-titled surprise album, but after thousands upon thousands of listens, “Jealous” is in my constant rotation. Listening to it before LEMONADE, the song felt like self-doubt, the singer questioning her own jealously. It felt apologetic, despite her acknowledgement that “I'm just jealous/I'm just human/Don't judge me.”

Though it doesn't appear on the tour, listening to "Jealous" in a post-LEMONADE world is a different experience. Now, she’s reveling in her jealousy, using it to her advantage. Hell, all of the second verse, where Bey’s crooning about pulling on her #TBT freakum dress to go to the club feels incredibly reminiscent of “Sorry,” her new IDGAF anthem. Her confidence in her jealousy here feels like a natural progression to “Hold Up,” where she’d rather be crazy. But no matter what, the end of “Jealous” still has an inevitable feeling of forgiveness, a direct parallel to LEMONADE's overall arcBeyonce won't lets us forget that we’ve all fucked up more than a time or two and still deserve our peace. —Kerensa Cadenas