Over the years, there have been numerous never-quite-spot-on-but-always-well-intentioned captures of young professionals making inroads behind-the-scenes in the British music industry.

Taking into consideration the cultural capital of the musical landscape today, there's really no credible reason a snapshot of "the future" should look like The Brady Bunch. Putting aside any racial blindspots that may be in place, and with all due respect to those placed, there also seems to be an altogether old school stance and approach to some of these selections. Ignoring names pushing the boundaries of creativity and capability behind the scenes, in multi-faceted, non-traditional guises, time and time again there's a refusal to realise that the music industry's lifeblood doesn't only run within strategic corporate sit-downs and under company email signatures.

Failure to properly position ears to the ground and on the heartbeat of the source is a criticism often levelled in regards to scouting for acts, and now, in regards to the changing nature of its own quarters, the industry's deciders and gatekeepers appear horribly out of touch. In an effort to help right these wrongs, Complex has put together a list that better represents the look of our music game today. This is 30 Under 30: Music Industry Creatives Making Waves Right Now.