Dirty Sprite 2 has successfully woven itself into every possible fabric of American society. Future's up-meets-down-tempo instaclassic, in addition to possessing artwork which was quickly revealed to be a Shutterstock find that also landed on the front of a Chemistry textbook, warranted the Gucci flip-flops endorser his first number one album. The #FutureHive is strong indeed, but is the thousands-strong united front powerful enough to infiltrate the sanctity of marriage? Gloriously so, the answer to that question is a thrilling "Yes."

According to my obsessive Twitter and Instagram scrolling, a couple appears to have evoked the spirit of Dirty Sprite 2 during their wedding ceremony at University Baptist Church in North Carolina. If accruing envy is your thing, please do so below:

Predictably, this #FutureHive-approved ceremony has the universe collectively asking the same question to their respective significant others: "Will you marry me, but also, can we have a Dirty Sprite 2 wedding?"

As one peruses these inspiring displays of Future tribute, a disappointingly probable theory starts to present itself. What if this couple just found the same photo on Shutterstock as Future and the aforementioned Chemistry textbook? What if nothing is real? What if Dirty Sprite 2 only exists in your mind, a hallucinatory byproduct of your greatest hopes and dreams attempting to bridge the space between them and an imagined success? I don't know about any of that, but I do know a thing or three about #RelationshipGoals.