As much as he raps about it, Future did not fuck up any commas on the cover art for his new album, Dirty Sprite 2. The artwork is done by a Slovenian Artist who sells her work on Shutterstock and has never been paid more than $80 for it, The FADER reports

The artist, Sanja Tošićhad never heard of Future before, but recognizes the cover. "I'm 110 percent it's mine," she told The FADER. "I'm selling these images on stock sites... [It] Belongs to series Silky Smooth. This picture was sold last month." The artist also says she has only been paid in the range of $0.33 and $80 from Shutterstock.

Tošić had never heard of Future before The FADER reached out to her about the art, but she isn't salty and is now a fan. "I don't think I heard about him before," she said. "I would also like to buy a CD for myself."

You can watch a documentary about Future and his new album here.