Album: I Don't Want You Back

Once upon a time1987, to be exact—a rapper named Milk Dee met up with a DJ named Gizmo, and under the name Audio Two, they recorded one of the greatest songs ever crafted, in any genre: "Top Billin." Then, to most of the world, they disappeared...until Milk Dee discovered an R&B singer who, much like the greats Madonna and Prince, went by a single name: Eamon. Eamon, in turn, would create, while not one of the greatest R&B songs, certainly one of the funniest.

That song was called "Fuck You (I Don't Want You Back)," and it was an oddly successful single—odd because the entire chorus was laced with profanity, so most of the chorus' real estate was blanked out on radio. The song was a juvenile parody of slow jam R&B, laying hip-hop's spurned male ego in a then-unexpected context. Of course, today the joke has waned somewhat, now that more self-serious singers (The Weeknd, say) do the same shit. Eamon's career did have a bit of unintentional comedy to it, though, as he told MTV in 2004:

Eamon was dazzled by the costumes, performances and parties and practically spellbound when he met one of his favorite rappers, Jay-Z. "He shook my hand and he went, 'You got that new joint, right?' " Eamon recalls. "I was like, 'Yeah, man,' and he said, 'Ah, good sh--.' I was totally bugged out. Jay-Z knew who I was. That's crazy."

David Drake