Every so often one of those rare talents comes along—an artist who’s the total package: A consummate entertainer who’s not afraid to speak truth to power. But all too often, the music industry gatekeepers are not ready or willing to embrace his misunderstood genius. Sean Fury is one such talent.

Despite cranking out six self-produced albums and a grip of videos, somehow this triple threat (singer, rapper, and dancer extraordinaire) has remained under the mainstream music industry’s radar. But please don’t get it twisted; Sean Fury is no struggle rapper. He’s currently working on a clothing line and a martial arts movie. Plus as you can see, the girls love him—especially biracial girls. And a few others have started to take notice, including ego trip and a couple of other guys you may know:

But please don’t be distracted by his pop-locking, or his custom Sean Fury jerseys. With Mr. Fury, it all comes down to the message in the music. This is an artist who doesn't bite his tongue when it's time to speak about issues like race—and "cism." With that said, Complex is proud to present a man who’s not afraid to speak on real issues affecting real people in these streets. Do you hear what he’s saying? Remember where you heard it first. And thank us later.



"Do You Hear What I'm Sayin?"

There is only one GOD, and only one SEAN FURY; accept no substitutes...