Label: Rostrum Records

It’s hard enough for most artists to put out four albums in their entire career. Mac Miller says he’s got four albums ready now, for this year, for this year now. And that’s on top of the production he’s doing for his friends, the MTV2 show, the touring, the being a-21-year-old. We’re excited to see what directions, what worlds he zooms off to, following Watching Movies With the Sound Off. An album so good that Stereogum—who had previously dismissed him—praised him as being “suddenly interesting now.”

The most “interesting” of his upcoming projects? The reemergence of Pink Slime, his long-awaited team-up with Pharrell. We imagine it’ll be somewhere between their upbeat and downbeat tonalities, which is to say: it’ll be moody, it’ll be different, it’ll be…cool. And yes, “interesting.” —Jeff Rosenthal