Age: 29
Recent Project: Get Home Safely

Dom Kennedy is the only person on this list that was on last year's list as well. But hey, if you're underrated, you're underrated. That's not to say that Dom hasn't taken some positive steps forward in the last 12 months. For starters, word of mouth for his absolutely excellent The Yellow Album has spread. He recently followed it up with his project, Get Home Safely—it might not be quite the accomplishment The Yellow Album was, but it's still a solid record. He's also made some strides on the business side by cutting a unique deal with Best Buy.

Despite all that, he just can't seems to have the kind of moment his homie Nipsey Hussle recently had with his Crenshaw mixtape, where everyone is talking about him. But here's the thing, Dom has so much mainstream potential and an everyman appeal. There's no reason why a song like "My Type of Party" can't chart on Billboard, yet it never did. For now, he's still one of those names that rap fans keep hearing and say, "I've been meaning to check him out." We said it once, we'll say it again: Check him out, you won't regret it. —Insanul Ahmed 

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