These, thanks to Twitter, it's harder than ever to get to work on time. A simple check of the timeline after you wake up in the morning runs the risk of getting sucked into a vortex that keeps you from getting out the door to the subway. How are you supposed to pick out what clothes to wear when there's a meme going around what clothes Drake has picked out to wear?

Leave aside the controversy surrounding the notion of "Black Twitter" for a moment. Anyone who has been using Twitter for the past few years ccan attest to the fact that Trending Topics often revolve about the rap world. If a major story about rap breaks, best believe it will become a Trending Topic. (Something that hasn't always been true for other news stories that were probably way more important than rap music.) That's why Rap Twitter is a thing unto itself. 

Twitter is pretty fun (and harmful to one's career) everyday. But sometimes Rap Twitter just goes nuts. Those crazy days when it's like the world stops for a little while and everybody's just stuck on the what's-the-latest in rap? There's a scandal! Some new beef brewing! Someone made a fool of themself! Someone's dead. Instead of just throwing in their two cents, everyone and their mother ends up throwing in whole handfulls-of-coins-worth of opinions, jokes, gossip and slander about the day's topic. It's still all pretty much petty change. But if you add it all up, well then you have Twitter at its best. And worst.

Unfortunately, we can't offer any tips about staying out of Twitter's dangerous downward spiral in the morning. You're on your own in keeping yourself from getting fired. But we bring can bring you the 25 Craziest Days on Rap Twitter. Because the Internet has the attention span of a goldfish, and we're sure you'll want to revist all your favorites to remember all the "great" jokes you made.

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