For a moment last night, it felt like the world had stopped spinning. That may sound hyperbolic, but Lil Wayne is arguably the most popular rapper on the planet and TMZ had reported that he was being read his last rites, a.k.a. about to die, after suffering a seizure.

Love him or hate him, there's almost no one who wasn't moved by the news of Weezy on his deathbed. Of course, Twitter was sent into a frenzy, and everybody—celebrities, journalists, fans—had something to say.

We've compiled all of those tweets and put together a timeline that tracks the night of Lil Wayne's health scare in one convenient location. From Rick Ross and Mac Miller's first-response support, to T.I. and Mack Maine dissing TMZ, to Seth Rogen's late-night anecdote, it's all here.

This is what happens when Lil Wayne's life is in jeopardy.

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