Tonight was the culmination of Jay-Z's "new rules" in action. As people have been tuning into Hot 97 to listen to his Magna Carta Holy Grail streamed on air and have been frantically trying to download the album off the app on Samsung Galaxy phones and notepads, the Twitterverse has gone crazy talking about the whole campaign and the music itself.

Everyone except Kanye West, of course.

Prior to this week, Kanye had not been on Twitter since the week his album Yeezus came out on June 22. On July 1, he sent out a quick tweet showing off a Father's Day gift Kim Kardashian gave him.

Once again he's back, and of course he chose tonight to talk about watching a pre-screening of Pacific Rim. Apparently it's going to be a classic when it comes out.

As for Magna Carta Holy Grail? No comment from "Yeezus." Very interesting.

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