Tonight, the Toronto Raptors were in Washington D.C. playing the Wizards, and Wale, who was sitting courtside, was talking back and forth with the Raptors' Rudy Gay during the game. Gay made a motion to Wale at one point, as if to say, "Call me," while Wale was on the phone, and Raptors announcer Matt Devlin picked up on the exchange, and began to talk about Wale on-air, making fun of his name, calling him "a local rapper," and adding, "He's not Drake, that's for sure."

Well, Wale was not feeling Devlin's jokes, and quickly tweeted at him, "Watch your mouth." Then, Wale approached him at the announcer's booth to give Devlin a piece of his mind. See pic above, and tweet below.

@mattdevlinraps watch ur mouth

— Wale Folarin(@Wale) February 20, 2013

It turns out, the exchange between Wale and Rudy Gay was a friendly one, unlike what's been going on between Lil Wayne and Chris Bosh.

@itsburnsybitch lol I known Rudy for 5 years . We were literally talking durin the game.. NOT talkin trash by the way

— Wale Folarin(@Wale) February 20, 2013

Here's video of Rudy Gay and Wale's exchange, which includes Matt Devlin's on-air comments. 


UPDATE. Here's footage of Wale approaching the Raptors' announcer's booth.

[via Beyond The Buzzer]