Summer 2013 officially ended yesterday. (Sayonara, summer!) And while we're all surely ready for sweater weather (and less sweating weather), we're kind of sad to see it go. This year's hot season was super-extra-special hot in music, filled with blockbuster album releases and songs and spectacles that lietrally set the world on fire! (Hahaha. Not "literally." Unless, I guess, you count the Rim Fire as a spectacle. But that wasn't "in music," was it? Anyway...) Remember June 18? When Kanye West's Yeezus, J. Cole's Born Sinner, and Mac Miller's Watching Movies With The Sound Off all came out on the same day? Man, that seems like a million years ago now, doesn't it?! And then Jay Z released Magna Carta... Holy Grail? (And we learned that he'd dropped the hyphen from his name like three years ago?!) And Kendrick's verse on "Control"? And Miley's twerking at the VMA's? Whew!

Of course, as the earth orbits the sun, and our changing axial tilt shortens our daylight hours and lessens the amount of solar energy that reaches the northern hemisphere, music doesn't stop happening. This week, for example, was filled with signs of more excitement on the horizon. Danny Brown, released a video for a song from his forthcoming album, Old, for example. And Eminem unvieled the cover for his The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Oh, and something about Drake. All this and more in What the Hell Just Happened In Music This Week? 

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