Rick Ross is a genius, let us be honest.

To say the very least, Ross commands a certain respect. So much so, that if you happen to be a person that he would like to rename, you will allow it. He will inexplicably add the letters "vis" as a suffix to your name, and you will respond to that, and only that, thenceforth. It started with Harvey Levin, who Ross (as head of the MMZ) began to call "Hervis." Today, Hervis's cameraman, who Ross has since commandeered as his own, has been given the new name, unsurprisingly, "Clevis." Why Clevis? "Because you think you clever. So it's Clevis." 

Ross takes his time with Clevis to call Hervis (are you following?), in order to 1. make sure Hervis told all of his friends about the release of Self Made Vol. 3 (which, if you don't pick up, your name might be altered drastically by Rick Ross), and 2. make sure that Hervis would eat pork, which Ross himself avoids.

Watch the MMZ takeover above.

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