Some historians have observed, in light of Kanye West's release of the politically-charged Yeezus on June 18, that the album comes out one day prior to Juneteenth a.k.a. Emancipation Day, when Texas abolished slavery in 1865.

The thing is, if he really intended to drop the record to draw attention to Juneteenth, why wouldn't he just release it on Juneteenth? Okay, sure, albums are released on Tuesday, or whatever—but don't tell us a god like Kanye couldn't have switched things up if he wanted to.

The cosmos further align around June 18, and Mac Miller and J. Cole are also releasing albums on that day. So what is it about Juneteenth Eve that has the rap game's attention?

We looked into things further and have determined that there are, scientifically, only ten possible reasons that all three rappers decided to release their record on this particular day. It's pretty clear that they were intending to celebrate these Important Moments in June 18 History.

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