Drake is such a piece of work.

Even as he's won us over with his talent, making better and better music, flexing his inarguable talent in more and more compelling ways, he still finds ways to frustrate, annoy, ruin a day. Last night, after a long weekend, just as we were all watching "Breaking Bad," letting all the beer we'd drank watching football or baseball or 60 Minutes or whatever soak in and lull us towards our beds for a good night's sleep before the hard work week ahead... BLAMMO! The most feverishly anticipated album of the year leaks and Twitter explodes and drunk people send embarrassing emotional texts to their exes and then write embarrassing tweets on Twitter about how they just sent their ex a bunch of embarassing emotional texts and hardcore Drake fans break out the white wine and middle-aged editors who need to get some sleep clench their fists and shake them skyward and shout at the top of their lungs whisper, because their wives and kids are already asleep (Sunday is a night schoolnight after all!) 

"Damn you, Drake!" 

So, today, we find ourselves a bit underslept, because of course we stayed up listening. It's a NEW DRAKE album for Pete's sake. And here are our initial, blurry-eyed thoughts. In a post you are about to read called Nothing Was The Same: Complex Staff's First Impressions of Drake's New Album.

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