It's already August. That means we've already had two full months of summer music, your favorite rapper's return, and a ton of other fuckery. Summer's always hot.

It's looking like the end of the season will bring another big day for big rap album releases. (Just like the start of it, on June 18.) September 17 is the date now slated for both Drake's Nothing Was The Same, MMG's Self Made 3.

But this week, Jay Z finally dropped the video/full art performance for "Picasso Baby," which was filmed at NYC's Pace Gallery last month. He went on Bill Maher's show Friday night, too. But we imagine that he had a hard time fully enjoying himself because he was still sore from that scathing review his new album got in The New Yorker. (In fact, just as we were going to press, Jay sent us an email about it, an open letter to the author of The New Yorker review, Sasha Frere-Jones. Just so there is no misunderstanding, this letter is 100 percent legitimate and definitely not written by Complex music editor Dave Bry. Okay? Just so we're clear on that. Definitely NOT written by Dave Bry.) 

Queens rapper Action Bronson took his talents overseas to England where he performed in an old age home. And then there's Childish Gambino, who just released a new song, "Centipede," and followed it days later with a trailer to a weird-looking, but rather compelling, short film with lots of sort-of famous people in it.

All that and more in What The Hell Just Happened in Music This Week? 

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