Date: July 12

When Questlove said that Justin Timberlake would be dropping a sequel to The 20/20 Experience later in 2013, there was plenty of reason to be skeptical. For starters, The 20/20 Experience was Timberlake’s first album in seven years. He's really going to have another one in six months? Secondly, Questlove is becoming the go-to-guy for updates on albums that never come out. Thirdly, Timberlake is still promoting the album that came out in March, dropping a controversial video for “Tunnel Vision” just last week. 

But lo and behold, Timberlake confirmed the news, and on Friday, silenced the doubt by dropping “Take Back The Night,” the first offering off The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2)—a jazzy number with lush horns and subdued vocals.

(2 of 2) is expected to come out September 30, but it looks like Timberlake wants to cut into the spotlight of his burgeoning rival, Robin Thicke, who is gearing up to drop his new album, Blurred Lines, on July 30. As if the two weren’t getting compared enough, Thicke put out a song this week that was produced by Timbaland, who produced all of The 20/20 Experience.

Meanwhile, Thicke has been forced to defend his lead single, “Blurred Lines,” for what some see as "rapey" undertones both in its lyrics and its banned video. It's just a coincidence, probably, that the title of Timberlake’s new single happens to be the name of a nonprofit organization that fights domestic violence and sexual assault. —Dharmic X

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